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Improves Posture and Reduce Muscle Strain

Binocular Dental Loupes have a focal point selected to each operator's height with a specified depth of field. This means that within a certain distance from your eyes, the image seen will remain in focus.

Example: If your working distance is 500mm and your depth of view is 100mm, the image will be in focus within 50mm less or 50mm more than the focal point.

This feature allows dentists to maintain good posture while keeping images in focus when examining patient's mouth comfortably without needing to lean forward.

How To Choose The Best Dental Loupes For You

Working Distance
The working distance is measured through your line of sight from your eyes to the point of focus (ie. the patient's mouth). It is very important to note that working distances are measured from your eyes, not from the dental loupes themselves.

To measure your working distance simply hold the end of a measuring tape in front of your eyes and extend the tape to the hypothetical location of where you would normally have our patient's head in a clinical situation.

For general dentistry and oral hygiene work, it is generally accepted that the 2.5x magnification is appropriate for simple restorative and periodontal procedures (eg. scaling/exam).

Binocular Dental Loupes offering 3.5x magnification are generally used for more complex procedures requiring finer details such as endodontics and surgery.

GRC also offers loupes at 3.0x magnification. However, it is worth noting the difference between 2.5x and 3.0x is quite minimal. It is not until you reach 3.5x that you begin to experience the true difference in magnification. It is worth also noting that as magnification increases, your field of view will also decrease.

Field of View
The field of view is the area you see. Ideally, the larger the field of view, the better it is. The catch is, as mentioned earlier, as magnification increases, your field of view will inevitable be reduced.

What does this mean? Essentially, with higher magnification Dental Loupes, you will see MORE of each tooth, but will see LESS teeth in total. It is a compromise and a factor in deciding which magnification you would like to choose.

Level of Comfort
GRC Dental Loupes are designed by a dentist for dentists, with superior fit and level of comfort.

Sturdy Design and Structure
All our loupes are manufactured to the highest quality standards and covered by 12 months warranty.

Is a Trial period offered?
All our loupes are covered by 7-day money back guarantee - no questions asked.

Is a warranty period offered?
At GRC Dental we take pride in providing only the best quality equipment. All our products are subject to 12 months quality warranty.